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Weddings and Waves

...a pair of sweethearts (literally) that craft cinema-grade videos capturing

you and your lovers most magical moments.

Here's a collection of our dreamiest weddings around the globe

We took a jet plane to Isola del Garda...

...with The Brandt’s to capture a lush wildly dreamy wedding that’ll make our heart skip a beat… and then another after that....


"The true beauty of their moving images is simply brilliant, therefore, it is no surprise Sal and Jo only film a handful of selected weddings each season to make sure they are perfect."

We film dreams


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We are the creatives behind Weddings & Waves…

...an award-winning film-grade videography and photography studio that captures you and your lover’s most wondrous moment;

your wedding day.

A match made in heaven


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People ask us all the time,

why videography versus photography?

Well, they’re not necessarily mutually exclusive.

We do both, after all. However, what we cherish about video and film is its ornate ability to bring to life

emotion through motion… something that’s much more difficult with a still photograph.

Take a look at the short films we’ve created and feel the hairs on your skin stand up…

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Olivia & Berat

"I am honestly at a loss of words. I can't explain how beautiful the video is. The amount of thought that went into means so much to us It is us And please tell Salome thank you. Her beautiful photos will always be displayed in our home You are incredible at what you do. Thank you!!!! From the bottom of our hearts. You both exceeded our expectations! We laughed, we cried, we watched it about 1,000 times."

Olivia & Berat

You two are not that average video people.

Lucil & Marcel

“Johannes and Salome, you are insane! The wedding film you just created is way better than we ever dreamed of! It reflects our story so beautifully and you could add a lot of images with hundreds of details, that matches our story so well. I can't describe your work with words! Nobody could have created such an authentic film. Apart from that, we were super happy to have you at our wedding! You two are not that average video guys! We had a lot of fun and I am sure we will share some more waves soon again!"

Lucil & Marcel


Lou & Nacho

"Johannes and Salome!!! This is a masterpiece!!! We will never get bored to watch it!!! It's PERFECT!! Thank you very much! The result is really what we expected!"

Lou & Nacho

"The pure love, the moments, the emotions!"

Henriette & Christoph

We can hardly put in words what we feel when we see the pure love, the moments, the emotions, Sal & Jo put in their work. Besides the fact that both - photos and videos are just incredible amazing, these two are heartwarming positive and professional souls. At our wedding they radiated a pleasant calm and on the other hand gave us valuable advice without being pushy.


Wait, why Weddings&Waves?

Why WeddingsAndWaves?

Splendid question. We call ourselves Weddings & Waves for our deep love and connection with surfing and we’ve always found it to be a beautiful metaphor for weddings, too.

Often times, weddings are filled with stunning waves of emotions… emotions of elation, love, compassion, joy and bliss.

Our work, our mission and our commitment to you comes down to capturing these waves of emotion so they can be remembered for a lifetime.