How far do i travel for your wedding?

I love to travel. With pleasure, I would accompany you to the end of the world to shoot your wedding film. Because besides filming, surfing and exploring new cultures is my big passion.

How do you act at the wedding?

I always integrate myself well at weddings. Do not expect me with huge cameras. My equipment is minimalistic but still up to date. So you do not have to feel uncomfortable, and nobody is disturbed. Just try to perceive me as your guest.

Do we get to know you before the wedding?

I would like to invite you for a coffee in Berlin. If you live further away, I am also pleased to call you via Skype. It is very important to me that we speak first. At a meeting not only relevant questions are clarified, but it is also helpful to get to know each other. It is important that you feel comfortable with me as your wedding filmer.

Are you doing a couple shoot?

At your wedding, you should schedule 30 minutes for a private shoot (video). So I can film you without stress. The couple sequences accompany the wedding video with recordings that you only get once in a lifetime. The best light conditions for the shoot are just before sunset. An excellent option is also a couple shooting on another day.

couple shooting on a separate day (photo or video)?

The focus is on you and that without any stress. We will get to know each other before the wedding. At a couple shoot, I conjure a story about you. Where did you meet and fall in love?

What is your connecting?

A special Story? A special place? Hobbies? Interests? A city?

The location and the day can be chosen flexibly. You tell your story, and I make your film out of it.

Do you have a drone?

I take my drone with me to all weddings. So I discovered not only new perspectives for your wedding movie but also your guests are happy about the short show performance of a flying drone. Of course, the weather has to be right. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to fly my drone in all countries. Often you also need a special permit.

What happens in bad weather?

Nobody can change the weather, and you should make the most of it. I also give my best as always. Rain-free minutes can still be found to allow the drone a take-off.

What do i eat on the wedding day?

Of course, I have to eat something during the day. I always have water and some snacks. I would be pleased about an invitation for your buffet.

When do i start recording?

I always plan some time before the action starts. I get the first shots of the location and the surroundings. Then I film the brides getting ready.

When do i finish the day?

I creat full movies. By my experience, I know when I have enough footage for your film. I usually put my camera away when I have enough dance scenes. After the bridal bouquet toss, I usually have everything in the box.

When will we get the final product?

Every wedding film is made with love. First, I select the most beautiful shots and speeches. Then I browse for music that suits your personality and the clips. The hardest part is the compilation. And when the setup is done, each sequence gets a colour correction. So the film has an extraordinary look at the end. As you can see, this is a lot of work, and it takes time to finish the movie. Therefore I ask for your understanding if the delivery does not happen in the first week. I usually need between four and eight weeks.

How do i deliver?

In the wooden box are the most beautiful prints of your wedding and a stylish USB flash drive with the video in Full HD. I also provide you with an online version.

May we publish our video?

Of course, that's what it's for. Show your friends and family what happened on the wedding day. Again! Friends will laugh! Friends will cry! Friends will remember!

Is it worth it to book a second camera operator with me?

Working alone, I often have to compromise and make decisions. Do I watch the wedding couple or the reaction audience? Unfortunately, I cannot always share myself. If there I a second shooter, I can also focus on more beautiful perspectives. If you want more angels and there should nothing be missing, you should book a second cameraman.

Are you happy with simple camera angles? Do you want as little presence as possible from other service providers at your wedding? Then I will accompany your wedding by myself.

What happens to the raw material?

For an extra charge, I will gladly hand you the raw material.

What is the length of the finished film?

In my standard package includes a cinematic trailer of 4-6min. For an additional charge, I offer a featured film with the length of 15-20min. It contains almost all recordings and more speeches.